Maternity Benifits Act

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Maternity Benifits Act

The Maternity Benefit Act of 1961 take cares about “maternity benefits” of female employees. Any business with more than 10 employees must follow this rule. The Act is a significant piece of legislation that safeguards motherhood’s honour. It also makes sure that working mothers can provide their kids the care they need. Maternity benefits assist women financially in addition to defending women’s rights. The 2017 Maternity Amendment Bill further altered this law.

The key Benefits extended by this Act are as below:

(a) Section 4: Employment of, or work of, women prohibited during certain periods.

(b) Section 5: Right to payment of maternity benefits.

(c) Section 7: Payment of Maternity Benefits in case of death of a woman.

(d) Section 8: Payment of Medical Bonus.

(e) Section 9: Leave for miscarriage, etc.

(f) Section 10: Leave for illness arising out of pregnancy, delivery, premature birth of a child, miscarriage, medical termination of pregnancy or tubectomy operation.

(g) Section 11: Nursing Breaks.

(h) Section 12: Dismissal during absence of pregnancy.

(i) Section 13: No deduction of wages in certain cases.

(i) Section 18: Forfeiture of maternity benefits.

Certain Amendments are also brought in by the Government in 2017

(i) Section 5 : Duration of maternity leave.

(ii) Section 5 : Maternity leave for adoptive and commissioning mothers

(iii) Section 5 : Option to work from home.

(iv) Section 11 (A) : Creche facilities

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