Zero FIR

Article written by Advocate Alpa Jogi on Zero FIR

Zero FIR

Zero FIR is an FIR registered in a police station that does not have jurisdiction over the spot where the crime was committed. Many a times, a crime is committed in one police zone but one ends up in a police station in another police zone to lodge the FIR. The police mostly refuses to lodge the FIR, asking the complainant to go to the police station of the zone in which the crime was committed.

Most people do not know about Zero FIR. The notion that the FIR ought to be registered in the police station that has jurisdiction over the spot where the crime was committed seems logical. However, other commitments often mean that many prefer to not travel to a faraway police station to lodge the FIR or travel only by jeopardizing their schedule.

However a legally aware complainant can ask the police to lodge a Zero FIR for a crime committed in another police zone. The police cannot legally refuse to lodge a Zero FIR. After lodging the Zero FIR, it is the responsibility of the police to transfer the Zero FIR to the police station which has jurisdiction over the spot of crime.

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