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The custody of a child after the separation of the parents is a burning issue. Often movies and books have quoted the amount of trauma that a child has to go through to see the bitter process of their parents separating. The issue of the custody of a child arises after the completion of the divorce or the judicial separation and is one of the most important issues on which the court must decide.

Custody of a child refers to the right given to a parent by the court to look after the child (if the child is less than 18 years of age). The parent in whom the custodial right is vested is supposed to look after the financial security, maintenance of the child with regard to proper lifestyle, healthcare, emotional, physical and medical development. The other parent is provided with the only right to access and meet the child. The family courts while debating on the issue of custody, base their decision on the best interests of the child in question.

Factors which contribute to the welfare of a child

Proper ethical upbringing of the child in question.

Assurance of safety of the child.

Imparting quality education.

The guardian in whom the custodian rights is vested must be financially well to do.

Forms of child custody available in India:

Physical custody of the child

Awarding of joint custody

Third party custody

Sole custody

The custody of a child remains one of the most sensitive and convoluted issues caused due to the separation proceedings of the parents. The custody, as seen, is guided mainly by the middle ground established by the judges on this regard.

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