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As per the Indian Penal Code, 1860, when an act forbidden by law is voluntarily done by a person, it constitutes a criminal offense. An act alone does not amount to guilt and is only considered an offense when the performance of such an act is accompanied by a guilty mind. Criminal Law deals with offences that are committed against the society. Unlike Civil matters, there is a provision for punishment and fine in criminal matters. The punishment of the offence would be as per the seriousness of the criminal offence committed. Also, a fine could be imposed along with the punishment. In the case of Criminal law it is the state that needs to file the petition. Criminal law punishes the convicts, protects the citizens and ensures law and order in the country. For cognizable offences, a complaint must be first registered with the police and later on an investigation is carried out by the police department. Thereafter the accused is prosecuted in the court of law. In these cases the court is empowered charge a fine, imprison the guilty of a crime, or discharge the defendant. Here, the defendant is considered either guilty or not guilty by the court.

Examples of Criminal Matters:





Major categories of criminal offenses:

Criminal offenses against a person

Criminal offenses against property

Statutory criminal offenses

Inchoate criminal offenses

Financial and other criminal offenses

Types of criminal offenses under the Code of Criminal Procedure:

Bailable offenses

Non-bailable offenses

Cognizable offenses

Non-cognizable offenses

Compoundable offenses

Non-Compoundable offenses

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