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Property disputes are generally related to property division, property ownership, sale and purchase of property, and other similar concerns. Property disputes among family members, especially brothers, are a common sight in India. Property disputes can arise among family members and sellers/purchasers of land, and even landlords and tenants. In the absence of awareness about the settlement of disputes, most property disputes end up in courts. Lack of proper title documents and court delays often prolong property disputes.

Some of the common Property Disputes are:

Title disputes

Disputes between buyers and builders

Delayed payment to housing society by the builder

Disputes related to inherited property

How to avoid property disputes and minimise the risk involved

Title Search

Sanctioned Plans

Proper Documentation

Municipal Approvals


You can either settle property disputes through mutual understanding and negotiations or move to the court. You can choose to resolve your property dispute through settlement if family members are involved in the property dispute. The settlement involves all the stakeholders sitting across the table and mutually deciding how the assets/property would be divided. This involves the division of not only immovable property. Sometimes, families bring in a neutral third party to maintain discipline during the process. Such a neutral third party can help the parties arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome. Once a mutual division is agreed upon by the family members, you should draw up a settlement agreement. All family members should sign this settlement agreement. Settlement saves the costs of hiring a lawyer and court expenses. If possible, in the first instance, it is always preferable to resolve through a settlement. If a settlement is not possible or if settlement fails, then you can approach the courts.

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